Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Have you ever felt as though you where unable to fix a problem? I think it is innate that human beings like to fix things, and when they cannot, an overwhelming frustration seems to always come.... pure frustration for those times when we simply become stuck.  
Sometimes "stuck" comes in the middle of a sentence... other times we find it in uncomfortable situations. Getting "stuck" can happen when you want to express yourself but your mind runs blank, or when you spend more than you should, say more or less than what is needed, take a side when you shouldn't, overbook yourself, under utilize your talents, get too comfortable in a position, pick a fight with the wrong person... now, I think you can see how this list can go on and on.   

When these situations arrive on my path, I tend to picture a wheel in my mind that is constantly moving.... as long as that wheel keeps on moving along, so too can I. Life goes on... times does not stop, and soon being "unstuck" will come to be. As long as wheels still roll and rivers still run, so too will life move on.  

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