Thursday, April 5, 2012

A New Take on Posters

When I was in college, I had posters all over my apartments. In fact, all of my friends decorated their apartments in a similar manner... Probably because they were an easy way to decorate empty white walls without straining our barely there bank accounts!

All but two of those rather large posters (which have now been matted and framed) were tossed after I left my college apartment, but I do sometimes miss the fun they bring to a room....and when I say sometimes, I am being generous with the word, because there were more problems with them than there were joys... I guess I still have a hard time swallowing the size of  those old posters...

I wish I found these Etsy "posters" years ago! They're such a fun and simple take on their larger (and more generic) counterparts... don't you think?

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