Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Word Day

Hello there and happy Friday!
 What are your plans for the weekend? John and I will be grabbing some grub at one of our favorite taco joints tonight, and Sunday I am glasses shopping with my girl Jess. Both of my readers (which I love) are from SEE, and I think we are stopping there first for her too! 

The last thing on my list will be to plant my seeds for my urban garden! Lettuce, herbs and tomatoes are the majority of what I ordered, so cross you fingers that my shaded porch will let these beautiful plants grow!

P.S. As of now, I am relying on Martha, but If  you have any gardening tips or trick, I would love to hear them, please and thank you!

OK, are you ready for Friday Word yet? Ready or not, here it comes!

Luxuriate- Enjoying oneself in a luxurious way; take self indulgent delight; to grow profusely;thrive

*Synonyms: grow, abound, feast, increase, delight 

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