Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Word Day

Good Friday is here, which means Easter is just around the corner. Whether you celebrate Easter or not, I am sure you can find the inherent beauty in spreading love, compassion and joy to the ones around you.

Easter has always been a great time to reflect on the beauty and blessings in life.... something we should be doing every single day.  Unfortunately,  it's all too easy to get stuck on hangups...whether they're based on money, image, location, age, perception, health or (fill in the blank), our problems can take over our minds and hearts. As a self proclaimed worrier, I know all to well the powers anxiety can hold... power only you can give...and take.  
If you do take time for reflection this weekend it may behoove you to spend some thought-time on my sister's favorite reminder...
... in the end, good or bad, this too shall pass...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend with whatever you may be doing.

Sentiment- A view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion.

*Synonym: sense, emotion, feeling


  1. jules that pictures is so pretty! is that one of tasya's?? awesome!

  2. Yes it is! She is so awesome!From her website



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