Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Freezer Style

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; freezing liquids in muffin tins and ice-cube trays can be one way we implement the three R's! Good Ol' Martha Stewart  has placed this thought into my brain, and I cannot wait to start saving up my liquid scraps! She suggests :

  • saving egg whites (when recipes only call for the yolk) individually in ice-cube trays. To use, thaw and cook right when they reach room temperature
  • Low-alcohol wine (12% and less) will freeze best. Pour remaining wine in muffin tins for  half cup servings. these little wine cubes can come in handy when making sauces or braising
  • Stocks can also be saved in muffin tins for casseroles or potpies
  • Freezing citrus juice in ice-cube trays is an easy way to have your home-made vinaigrette ingredients handy. Each ice-cube yields around two tablespoons of liquid
 Together, we can start a freezing movement!

(Thank you Martha Stewart Magazine 1/2011 addition for the idea, and for the great photo!) 

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