Thursday, September 22, 2011

Achy Day

I woke up this morning with aches deep in my bones... but I had a feeling they were body always lets me know ahead of time. It is trained like an officers canine. Sniffing out problems and sounding an alarm in my brain before any major consequence occurs. I still cannot tell if it is the weather, or the worrying that gets my body in a tizzy. Can it be both? Maybe...probably... most likely...

Now is my time for treatment. So what do I do?

Juice: (mother natures medicine)

Kale, carrots (including the greens from the carrot tops), and an apple -all organic-


Brown rice, and a cup of herbal tea to finish


1/2 hour meditation, and maybe a little book reading if time allows

Right now it may seem far away, but I know tomorrow will be another day, and I believe in my body, my spirit and soul... life will take care in it's infinite way. 

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