Friday, September 2, 2011

The Best in Chips

I found the best chips ever....and they are not made out of potatoes! Have you heard of Danielle Snacks? O Lordy, are they amazing! As a little gift to my love (who avoids food that is fried), I grabbed a bag of Danielle's walking out of a store...why? Because I noticed these chips were not cooked by traditional frying methods. They had a picture of baby coconuts on the front, and he loves coconut...what could go wrong here? Nothing at all! Honestly, I could snack on these all day, and you better believe I am adding them into my trail mix. When I looked at the ingredients list, there were three items listed...fresh coconut, sugar, salt...done. What a wonderful addition to my yummy-healthy-ohsogood snack collection.

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