Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Loving Heart

When I was younger, I would cry if my friends picked fresh leaves or broke the branches off of tree's. Through my tears, I would explain to them that the trees could feel the lose of their lush leaves and strong branches.

This gives you a little idea of how my heart works.

In this World, there are some people that just get you...and most people really don't... at least in my case... so, when you find the ones that do... (I mean really do)... please take my advice and hold onto them with all you've got.
Well, don't actually hold on that hard because you might scare them off... just hold on enough and as the years go by, nurture the heart of that relationship.
Not to toot my own horn, but nurturing a relationship is something I am really good at and tends to be a life focus. Some may say I am an "over lover", but I honestly cannot help it... it's the way my heart is made...the way it beats.

For those of you that get me... thanks so much for keeping up with the rhythm of my heart. You are reason for it to beat.

For those that don't get me... thanks for trying!

What makes your heart beat?

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