Monday, August 29, 2011

Do You Buy Fair Trade?

 Do you ever think about the life products have lived before they make it into your cart?
Years ago, my mother started to sell a few fair-trade products at her tea stand; wood-free stationary from India that was created by displaced females. The company she worked with helped teach a skill set to women that had nowhere else to turn. In return, their new found education brought about the hope of  higher self esteem, and a promising future.
     Mom's tea stand and the sales of wood-free products ended, but my new found interest in where products came from was just beginning. In high school, I would wonder...just how far did these bananas travel before they landed in my bowl of oatmeal? And where are these oats I eat every morning from anyways? Then college came, and fair trade products started popping up in stores and online. better world shopper was brought to my attention, and I did the best I could to research and educate myself on companies environmental and social actions.
     Post college I can honestly say I have been slacking.
I used to see life as coming in a series of waves. Sometimes it took all of me to stay afloat...but in all reality, I am floating along mighty fine. Unfortunately, there are others out there that are not... time for me to remember this once again...
If buying from farmers, artisans and companies that live by respectable social and environmental morals, can really make a difference in whole communities livelihoods, then let my dollar show as my support once again! Lets use our money as a way to promote our vote, voice, and support!

     It's as easy as buying clothing made from organic cotton, using newspaper to wrap gifts or shopping from the World-Stock Fair Trade section on Overstock. If you are a coffee drinker, try to buy and sip on beans that were fair-trade certified. Look for products that have been reduced, reused and recycled... I promise your small efforts will add up to a WORLD of an difference.


  1. Hey Jules! Love the post. I used to be really big into farmer's markets... but this year I've def. found myself slacking due to my work schedule that revolves around weekend morning shifts. On a more positive note, I am a frequent shopper at the Greenheart Fair Trade Store on Division near Damen. If you haven't been, you should definitely pay them a visit! Great for buying gifts and such... =)

  2. If there was a way to "like" this post I would. Make choices with your $!

  3. Thanks Abby for letting me know about the store! I will absolutely check it out! Jani, I agree 100%. Thanks for the thoughts!



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