Thursday, April 15, 2010

Slowing Down

What does it take to slow down in this world? For me, it took more than half of my vacation to get my body, mind and spirit in chill mode. The city beat in my heart seemed to be pounding a bit louder than the country rhythm in my soul. I had not realized how tightly wound up I was, until the moment I felt relaxed. When that moment came, I almost cried with joy. It was in the simplest of moments really. While sitting next to the ocean with my sister and godchild, my heart seemed to align with the beat of the crashing waves. Ellen pulled her dress up to show us her wonderful belly button, and Bri and I laughed at her innocent beauty...this is what happiness feels like. It does not matter where you are, or what you have. Happiness will come when you let it inside. When you choose to acknowledge it's presence in your life...

Even though I am back, the lessons I have learned on vacation still vibrate inside of me. The city is warm, and people are all around. Spring has graced Earth with green. Tulips are in bloom, and friends are opening up their schedules for walks, events, and outings. The economies epidemic fever seems to be breaking, and a glimmer of relief fills hearts with some hope. Placing one's self in a state of great tension is never any fun. I am not going to wait for my next vacation to bring my worrying walls down. If I take a little vacation time everyday (even five minutes), I bet my body, mind and soul won't feel as tightly wound. Relax...a great, new motto of mine.

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  1. awwww....I loooooved that moment too :) Can still see it so clearly, especially the smile on your face. I love you my little Jules



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