Thursday, April 1, 2010

Relaxing with Celery

De-stressing seems to be my life's mission. Before the storm of stress pours down, I do everything in my power to clam myself. In the past year, I have started to eat celery a lot more, and I just found out what my subconsouce must have known all along. Celery is a food that actually helps our bodies de-stress! When I choose to listen completely to what my body was telling me, I started to eating celery daily. Now I understand why these seemingly strange cravings came. Here is some interesting knowledge on celery that may come in handy the next time you get the stress-bug.

-The compounds within celery actually lower the concentrations of stress hormones that cause blood vessel constriction.
-Niacinimide is one of several nutrients in celery that help to bring on the calm
- Celery used to be an old folk remedy for lowering blood we see where that idea came from!
- Eating celery at night, before bed, may help you sleep better.

Information found in You Are What You Eat, Dr. Gillian McKeith

The greatest things about celery is that it is cheap, and very versatile. Eat some raw, with dips, in salads, sautes, rice dishes, soups, and even filled with peanut butter. If you are not a fan of those pesky strands that seem to wedge in-between every tooth in your mouth, try peeling the outside before you eat it, which will eliminate the strands and even more of the environmental damage left on the skins of vegetables.

P.S. Try and buy organic whenever possible, because you can absolutely taste the difference with this veggie.

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