Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matching Your Underwear

"You should try it! I'm telling you, wearing beautiful undergarments, and matching your bra and underwear, will give you confidence and make you feel sexy! I have gone my whole life not even thinking about it, but now I am a new woman.".. This was one of many revolutionary discoveries my fabulous Aunt Kathy has shared with me over the years. I do not really know how much my confidence has escalated from heeding her advice, but I like to think it helps a little. This way, if I ever make a mistake, or have a situation where my ego becomes a bit bruised, I can always say "at least my underwear is matching". Sounds a bit pathetic when said outside the confines of my own stream of thought...but I have thought stranger, and if this can help another, I'm all about sharing a "motivational idea". The real heart of the matter is taking pride in the little things. Those attributes that may not be seen or shared with anyone else but you, are really what makes individuals so different and unique. If we take time for those small details, maybe the bigger ones will be less intimidating...less daunting. Now, who would have thought wearing nice undergarments could have such an impact?

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