Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Afternoon Slumps

Morning is here! You rise out of bed with a smile on you face, eat your breakfast, take a shower, and get ready for the fabulous day ahead. All seems well... until afternoon hits you like a pile of rocks. Yes, the afternoon slumps have come to you, replacing your energy and focus with pure exhaustion. If only we all could have my neice's napping schedule included into our daily regimen! Instead, we fight through it, hoping to get a second wind that will help us function in a happy, productive manner. My dilemma? Searching for that second wind can be difficult, when pictures of my comfortable bed, are dancing through the head. Believe it or not, the lack of energy in the afternoons are usually signs of poor adrenal function, and poor metabolism of carbs and sugars in the body. I have some great tips that will help stave off exhaustion, and may even give you more energy than you had in your first wind!

Tips For Fighting The Afternoon Slumps

- reduce your intake of dairy, caffeine and sugar in the afternoon! Caffeine depletes moisture, dairy is challenging to digest, while sugars cause blood sugar imbalances and mood swings.
- Incorporate brown rice, legumes, yams and sunflower seed in your lunch. These are all energy packed foods that will give you a pick-me-up.
- Help your adrenals out with the inclusion of B vitamins. Even taking a 50 mg of B complex in the middle of the day will do wonders.
-Wheat-grass in juiced form (or in capsules) is an awesome source of iron, potassium. magnesium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus. Though it may taste horrible, just a little bit has been shown to enhance one immunity, assist in digestion, restore the endocrine system and help with weight loss (due to it's high enzyme count).

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  1. AAAHHHH!!!! The dreaded car rental place! I'll NEVER go there again! Ellen had the right idea, sleep through that craziness!!



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