Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Word Day

Aloha Friday friends! What  are you up to this weekend? I think John and I will be riding around the city tonight, and maybe stopping for a beer at Sheffields (local bar/beer garden!).

Other things on my agenda:
  • Make that Lavender Lemondade (check previous post!) and finish my book.
  • Grocery shop - just in case we have a last-minute dinner party! Here are some tips for throwing a quick if you need them too!
  • Pick up some flowers for the apartment...just for a pop of color!
  • Watch a show-  Have you seen the new season of What Not To Wear, on TLC? If not, you should because it is so good- and I mean good as in, a perfect no think, fun to watch TV show.

Hopefully the weather will stay cooler, and I can spend most of the weekend outside... If you are in the East Coast heat-wave, please stay hydrated, and hopefully you will feel the cool thoughts and energy I'll be sending your way!

Friday Word:

Evanesce- to dissipate like vapor.

*Symonyms: dissolve, evaporate, melt

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