Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Word Day

How peaceful is your slumber? Do you flip your bed on a regular basis? Do you think it impacts your rest?

 John was convinces my bed was crooked, so I decided to take it apart last night, just to make sure everything was straight...  Flipping my queen mattress was not the easiest thing I have ever done in my small bedroom. This made me realize that I had not flipped my mattress in over a year!

I found this article that breaks down the best way to care for a mattress... all information I must have been oblivious to... Like flipping your bed 4 times a year, and having a frame with at least six contact point (number of legs) to give you proper support. Now that I know this, I will renovating my bed and will let you know if my slumbering nights improve.

Sending you my positive energy, and wishing you a peaceful weekend! Here's Fridays Word:

Becalm- to keep motionless by lack of wind; to stop the progress of; to make calm

*Synonyms: soothe, calm, lull, quiet


  1. You always put such informative post on your blog. I don't think I've ever flipped a bed in my life!! {Although, most of the beds I've slept in were temporary or run down already by the time I used them}. Regardless, I might try this as well. Hope all is well Jules!!

  2. So funny! Oh the life of a College student in Chicago and beyond! Thanks for the love, I LOVE your blog and think all my followers should check it out! xo JMoksha



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