Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I love dessert

Why do I love dessert? 
Because it adds to a celebration and is easy to share. Lets face it... dessert is the exclamation point to the Seasons... 

...Ice cream is to summer
 what hot cocoa is to winter... 

 ...A treat that makes everything seem right...

Why do you love dessert?


  1. I love dessert for a couple of reasons- it is a treat to myself if I am mindful of what I eat. Also, an odd reason why I love dessert is this: When I was a young boy, I didn't know the difference between desert and dessert. My teacher told me this: spelling dessert is easy- think strawberry shortcake- two s's! I never misspelled it again!

  2. I love dessert because it's often leads to sharing. I love it went I go out to eat and it takes the effort of the entire table to polish of a giant brownie topped with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. =)

  3. I love dessert because it is one of life's simple pleasures. You can just drop everything you're doing and enjoy yourself for a few moments.



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