Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cherry Hand Pies:

Cherry Hand Pies: (click for the recipe!!)
 I have come to the conclusion, that traveling to picnic's with food you have worked so hard on, can be more of a challenge than the actual creation of the dish itself. As a child, my mother would have me balance all trays, casserole dishes and cookie sheets on my lap while she drove to our "pot-luck-esk" destination. For the duration of the ride, I would spend my time praying to the sweet Lord above that I would not spill, drop, or splatter anything. I took this job very seriously, and believed it required complete concentration... When we arrived at our destination and all went well (which was mostly the case!), I would quickly hand over the dish/responsibility to my mother again, and be happy to have that leg of the outing over with!

Now that I am all grow up and in the city, I find my childhood responsibility to still be a royal pain in my rump. I usually have to walk with my dishes..or even worse, use public transportation. These hurtles have really curbed my creativity to shared creations....what to do...Oh, what to do...

Instead of limiting myself, I have recently decided to make the best out of my cooking bind by coming up with creative and travel "safe" foods. As I was searching for a picnic-ee dessert, I stumbled across a great hand pie recipe! See what happens when you start to think positive? The Universe answers in shape of a travel-ready pie... AAHH life... you are so wonderful.

Check out the beautiful recipe above and enjoy!!!

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