Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Gesture

As I was Christmas shopping today, a book with a thought provoking quote came across my path...I would like to share those words with you:

"If you simply stand taller, pull your shoulders back and punctuate your words with hand gestures, you will automatically feel a change of biochemistry and perk up...emotion is created by motion, the way you move changes the way you think and feel." - Anthony Robbins, Self-Help Guru

HMMM, sounds simple....

When I first read this thought, I started to think about my beautiful god-child and a recent visit I had with her at my sisters. As I watched her talk to anyone who would listen, I noticed how important her body language was in the coarse of her communication. She would put her hands on her hips, swing them around in the air for added drama, and raise them as high as she could when she wanted her point to really sink in...No matter what she would be saying her body would somehow be moving.

...No wonder children are so happy...

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