Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Strength In Teeth

(all smiles with my friends!!!)

A few days ago, I ate a seaweed salad. It was deliciously satisfying.. until I bit down, on a bite, I must not have positioned quite right in my mouth. For, somehow, that seemingly tasty bite, sent ridiculous vibrations through one side of my mouth and straight to my brain. Thank the sweet powers above I had Tylenol in my purse, or I would have been left with a very painful predicament.
The sensitivity stayed for a couple of days.... Long enough to reminded me that I need to do more to maintain my teethies vitality. Once again, I looked to my favorite nutritionist(Gillian McKeith) for answers. A smile is an expression I always want to share more of, and be proud of. This is what I will be including in my diet to keep my smile as happy as can be.

Herbs for healthy teeth and gums

-Horsetail (2 capsules daily)
-Oatstraw (2 capsules daily)

Herbal Teas

- Comfry, tea tree, myrrh, licorice, peppermint, goldenseal, and sage. Personally, one of my all time favorite's in tea happens to be peppermint, but mixing sage and licorice can be really yummy.
- Drink one of the teas for 2-3 days and then rotate on to the next one. Always rotating so that you get a complete spectrum.


- Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids (1000 mg daily)
- Zinc (15-30 mg daily)
- Coenzyme Q 10 (30 mg daily)

More information can be found in McKeith's book, You Are What You Eat.

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