Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Soba Soba Everywhere

As my work day came to an end, I had high hopes for the evening. In my head, I labeled the afternoon my "big productive night." ...then, something happened. Somewhere between my commute home and walking Ballou... all of my built up steam dissipated. Just looking at the stack of bills, laundry and dishes made my head, wallet and hands hurt.
I decided to at least accomplish one task on my list...while my brain said bills, my stomach said dinner...they rock/paper/scissored, and my stomach won.

As I opened the cabinets, a pack of soba noodles caught my eye. Soba + veggies = a dinner of champions. You see, soba noodles find their origin in Japan. They are made out of buckwheat (with some regular wheat) and they cook really quickly. Soba can be made to eat cold or hot, and buckwheat is a great source of magnesium. I highly suggest you try them out. The best part of soba is the cook time. It only takes a couple minutes, and they are ready to be drained, mixed in with your ingredients of choice, and eaten.

My delicious soba noodle dinner saved me so much time, I was able to get most of (well, part of) my to-do list done!

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