Wednesday, June 30, 2010


"How you spend your days is how you spend your life."- Annie Dillard

Blink...I am two years old, looking at my shiny shoes as my father stands me atop the church pew...Blink... I am six years old sitting on my cousins lap at christmas, wishing I could grow up and have hair as long as hers...Blink... I am nine, waking up on Sunday morning to jazz music and Moms "breakfast surprise" on the kitchen table...Blink...I am thirteen years old, painting my toenails with Bri-Bri on our front yard walkway...Blink...I am sixteen, learning how to parallel park with my brother...Blink...I am seventeen and in the car with my high school boyfriend, with the windows down and the music loud...Blink...I am nineteen years old and at my Fathers funeral...Blink...I am twenty-one years old drinking Pivo (beer) in Prague...Blink... I am twenty-two years old celebrating my graduation from college and my Lupus remmision...Blink... I am twenty-three in Nashville with my best friends, celebrating an engagement...Blink... I am here in my bed with a good book and my dog, trying hard not to blink.


  1. I love you- beautiful post. Blinking is snapshots of ones' life, caught in a photo still, and the older one gets, the more blinks one has. We must make each blink worth framing. Love you Jules, you are a poet.

  2. without question, without end.



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