Thursday, December 10, 2009


When I was first introduced on the concept of moksha, I fell in love with the depths of it meaning, purpose and message. My reality of the concept, moksha, is the perfect definitive climax and release from what we call life. Some believe we are reborn and reincarnated back to earth, but what is the purpose of always living again and again? Moksha. To live a life that is deserving of the ultimate liberation, the ultimate release. Moksha is a concept that finds it's roots in Indian religions such as Hinduism. I am not Hindu, but I am a spiritual being that has a deep appreciation for many different religions and concepts attempting to explain meaning, purpose, higher elements of power, love and life. My ultimate goal on this earth is to live a happy, healthy, fun-filled, meaningful and helpful life. In doing so, I will attempt to embrace simplicities that bring meaning to my life everyday. Please come along with me as I share with you all the things I feel add beauty, depth, and meaning to life on planet Earth. I hope you enjoy my blog.

1 comment:

  1. Love it Jules! Can't wait to read more!
    PS Got your card today in the mail! You are awesome! Thanks so much for the recipe!!!!! Mom said she cried when she read hers...awww.



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