Saturday, December 12, 2009

Body Brushing

(Body brush from The Body Shop)

An urge to hibernate overwhelms me when the snow is falling & the below-zero winds are blowing. One problem that comes while spending more time in my tiny studio apartment - the air is as dry as the Sierra Desert. Luckily, I have picked up a great habit that seems to really help. For all of those who battle ashy or dry skin, you need to start... Body Brushing! 

Skin brushing is best noted for it's ability to get your lymph system moving, and to help your skin rid itself of internal garbage. When you brush, you move "stuff" around that is trying to get out. When I started brushing before my showers, I felt as though I was aiding my body in a powerful way. The best part is that I feel energized and have found that my skin looks lot better as well. All you need is a firm, natural bristle brush. I have seen them at Target and Whole Foods, but one I think is a great size comes from The Body Shop (I like the little handle). All you need to do is Brush once a week, before your shower and lotion your body after. This is one of the best health tips that was given to me, and one with immediate gratification. Happy brushing!

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