Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Weekend Wedding Highlights

Hello There! I have been exhausted from all my travels lately, and haven't been able to find a calm enough moment to write - But as I have found one, I will share with you a bit about the weekend.

The weekend started with a visit to my Opa's house. Here is Gretchen, our family dog. It is hard to believe she is nine years old already. It's even harder to believe I've been in Chicago for eight of her nine years! She is a rock in our family and has been the favorite child since the day she was carried in our door. My mother always wanted a third, so it was fitting that my father bought her and we took her before he past - a parting gift to my mother if you will. 

As I left Cleveland and entered into New York State, I could not stop staring out the window (was not the one driving, so don't worry!). What a beautiful World we live in... if only humans reflected more of the peaceful nature and less of the natural disasters.

What a Bride! Cam is always gorgeous, but she was a serious beauty on her wedding day. The wedding was outside on the top of a ski hill, and the weather was as perfect a day as ever. 

Night crept in and the party ended shortly after. I can honestly say it was a night to remember - a night to live for. Celebrating the love and commitment of two people you deeply care about is probably one of the most important celebrations still around (and should be around for anyone and everyone). I was happy to be a part of it, to share my loving energy with them, and to be surrounded for an entire weekend by feelings of pour good and happily ever after.

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