Friday, July 26, 2013

A Surprise Gift

After work, I was a little sad about coming home without being able to see John and give him a hug goodbye before his trip - After taking Ballou out, I walked into our bedroom to a very sweet goodbye note, a new helmet for my bike and a FitBit - It was like Christmas in July! 

It's true that I am not the most graceful and/or coordinated of bike riders, so this helmet will absolutely come in handy  - as well as put John and my friends (Maggie!!) at ease when they ride with me. My bike goal right now is to stop blowing through stop signs :) 

I usually do not brag, but I just felt like I needed to share my happiness. Big thank you to my best friend and the most amazing man I know! 


  1. haha this made my day! happy you're happy and that your noggin is protected :)

  2. What a sweet boyfriend! You two are so good together!



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