Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easters Thoughts

Easter is almost here! Do you have any fun Easter activities or traditions? As a child I can remember the excitement of  getting a new dress for church, egg hunts, Easter baskets, pictures with the scary bunny at the mall, and warm weather. 

As I reflect on past Easters, I remember the happiness I felt thinking about Jesus rising from the dead and going to heaven to be with his dad....where did that feeling go? Why do I not get excited for this holiday like I used to, and how can I rectify this situation so that I can have those feels come again?

This year I am have decided to try and take part in all those activities that have made past childhood Easters wonderful...First, I bought a new dress (easy and always makes me happy!). Next, I have done a little Easter basket shopping for my love (so really it is for me too). I think I am too big for Easter egg hunting, but I am going to make Easter arts and crafts tonight to supplement the experience. Church will be on Saturday morning (hopefully, the sun will be out), and I will be with John's family. Stay tuned to see if those happy feelings come back to me...

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