Wednesday, January 12, 2011

 As I read in bed, the cold draft from my window reminds me we are stuck in the middle...winter is here, but not ready to leave.... what do we do when we are stuck in the middle?

...I am still trying to figure out that question...

Lately, I have been feeling like that missing puzzle piece that cannot be found. I watch the pieces of life fit together...But the piece that represents me is nowhere to be found. One would think... if it's just a  piece that is missing, the puzzle still works well enough...and in a lot of ways, it still does ...but how wonderful it would be if the missing me was found...

Now that I am stuck in winters middle, I will have to spend some time searching for what's hidden. And hopefully, by the early thaw of spring, I will add my piece to the right part of life's puzzle. Even if you are not feeling lost, winters middle is always a great time for finding....and I promise you, there is always something to find within.


  1. Dear Julianna,
    You are not alone. We humans go through life trying to put our life picture together. some of the fortunate ones put the pieces together and find peace. Others keep searching. the important thing is to accept who we are as we try our best. My puzzle has many pieces in the wrong slot. Tiny holes and parts that don't line up. thanks for your wonderful analogy.

  2. Oh Jules.. don't you know the missing puzzle piece is me?! Please visit soon!

    Love and Miss you,

  3. Julianna-
    Stop to think on this: What if it isn't you as a missing piece to fit into the puzzle of life, but rather, the other pieces of the puzzle are lost and you are indeed the one that is found? What if you are all you need to make your own puzzle, with the perfect pieces you find along the way?

  4. I like the thoughts! Thank you for your input...I love to keep an open mind, and you may just be right about those puzzle pieces.



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