Thursday, October 7, 2010

Junk Be Gone

It's official...I have finally moved all of my many belongings into a new apartment! The move was long, tiring, and presented more than a few dilemmas, but most of them were corrected without too much of a headache, and I am now in the process of putting the decorating-pieces back together again.
Now, one of the main tasks that comes with moving is purging. I have decided to throw out belongings that no longer can be used, would be wanted, or lack in purpose. Let me give you a few examples:

-My lead pencil collection
-Directions to a friends old apartment
-March 2008 edition of Cosmo magazine
-A chipped bowl
-Cell phone, computer, and camera boxes
- Empty jars (that stack up because I never throw jars away)
-Picture frames with sayings (such as friends forever, love, and summer swimming)
-Pants that are too big, too small, and too ripped
- Anything from eighth grade (including pictures of me dunked in sun-in and spray tan)
- Headbands from second grade
- Extra no-match socks
- Pens that don't work (seems I collect them too)
- Really stupid key chains (like a pig that snorts and pretend poops)

Now that the useless belonging (that most people would have tossed years ago) are gone, it is time to minimize my material product life; I will do this by buying products that will last, work for multiple situations, stay current, and age gracefully.

For instance, I found these great key chains on, and I just love how they are classically designed, while personal in message. Now, this is a perfect gift to give anyone...something you know will never end up in the "purge pile".


  1. Julianna, your pencil collection??? wow that is
    bothersome. did you get rid of that ratty old white blanket from 3rd grade? can I come over and help purge?

  2. It's honestly startling how similar your purge list is to mine! I swear I got rid of a pooping cow keychain when I moved.



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