Sunday, July 11, 2010

Being Present

"When your goals are reached, they will be reached in the 'right now'... you will still be you, doing the same things you do now. You will still stand up. Walk around. Get root canals. Open the refrigerator door. Sleep. Feel happy. Feel devastated. Feel lonely. Feel loved. Get old. Die"
-Geneen Roth

A conversation with my dear friend last week opened a path of thought... As I dramatically unraveled my problems and situations, she stopped me in my tracks with one single sentence... "Jules, it's time for you to live in the present, and enjoy the now."...Click... I realized my name is not Atlas, nor am I punished by Zeus to carry the World on my why do I act like I am?
Maybe you have felt this way... Maybe you will in the future...Hopefully, this sentence will remind you of the beauty in being 'present'. Thank you my dear friend for the gift of your words...what a wonderful way to use language.

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