Thursday, May 30, 2013

Going Out

Do you go out a lot during the week?

 Last night, John and I went to watch the BlackHawks game with one of our good friends. We went to a local bar and had a blast, but both of us woke up this morning feeling disheveled! Life was put on hold for a night, and already its just piling up... I was supposed to do the laundry, work out, make dinner etc.,  and John was going to wash the floors, vacuum etc... Easy things to put on hold, but now we just have to find the time to add them in somewhere soon. How do you go out during the week, and still have time to exercise, make dinner, clean, walk the dog, get your hair cut, read - the list goes on!

It is something John and I are both a little troubled in - that is, slowing down and enjoying the moment. Yes, it is nice to have a routine and stick with it, but it is also nice to bump it up a little and go where your path takes you. Balance - I guess that is what this is all about in the end!

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