Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Question - how many layers do you have on your bed?
 I am a big fan of (at least) four layers - top sheet, duvet, quilt and throw - but I know that can seem a bit excessive... Maybe I like layers because I'm such a freeze baby! If I had to have just one blanket, I would 100% pick a quilt. They are wonderful to look at, super warm, and not as bulky as a comforter.  

Here are a few quilts that I seriously love! 

This light brown quilt is shown here on top of a duvet, but you could totally do on or the other!

Full disclosure - this is my quilt - but I love it, and think Anthropologie has genius patterns! 

Last, but not least, this patterned quilt from West Elm is fun and classic enough to work with most bedrooms. I would take them all if I could! 

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