Friday, January 11, 2013

Where I Went

I totally flat-lined on my blog! Dare I say - life got in my way? Here are a few photo's to give you a quick catch up on my life: 

A Kitchen Aid for Christmas has me baking like a champ - I've only really baked Banana and Lemon Breads so far, but I want to master those first and move to something a little more challenging. Good plan, right?..

...Ballou is going on 5, and I swear she just gets better and better with age - she has spent these cold months with John on the couch - I think it's her heaven...

...catching up with old friends is always a must...

...and book club finally resumed - we just finished Beach Music, by Patrick Conroy - it was an 800 page book and took a little longer than most to get through!

There - now you are up to date with my Winter thus far! Have a great weekend and Enjoy the moments. 

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