Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Stress Be Gone

It's Christmas Eve and Family time is about to begin for me! This usually is the time of year that I stress the most, but not this year! No no - I am going to practice my 6 tried and true calming technics as much as possible, and I know they will work like a charm. They are listed below, just in case you are the same way during the Holidays~

1. Count to ten in a language other than your native tongue - my language of choice is always German, because most of the German numbers sound like swear words to me...

2. Drink lots of liquids that start with a W - wine, water, whiskey...

3. Take a walk in the middle of the day alone. This is the time to clear your mind and check your mood.

4. Remember this is a short period, so soak it in because it will be gone in a blink. This is really the time to be the person you want to be - the true you.

5. TRY to eat fresh fruits and veggies throughout your days - I know there most likely will be a lot of yummy food around you, but this will help stop you from overeating, and I promise you will feel so much less bloated by the end of the day.

6. Kiss someone - or something - animals can be included in this... (they usually are my first pick anyway) and take a second to enjoy that moment of love. 

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