Friday, November 19, 2010

Banana Bread

There is something about the Fall that brings upon a craving for banana bread. Maybe it's the warm fruit with spices, or the comfort of freshly baked bread... whatever it is that makes me crave this wonderful creation does not disappear until I answer the calling and get my hands on the sweet delight. If you too find yourself with a hankering for some warm, sweet banana bread, I have a little twist that you may just want to try. Mark Bittman (one of my absolute favorite food writers!) introduced coconut and two different types of flour in his banana bread recipe that I think I will try out for myself this weekend. The only problem I have with his version is how unhealthy it is. Luckily banana bread is a pretty forgiving recipe, and sugar/butter/oils can be lessened, substituted or eliminated (in some cases). I am going to share with you two bread healthy and the other less healthy. Please join in on the baking festivities and make a loaf (or two) for yourself!

Click here for Mark Bittman's version of Banana Bread (with coconut)

Click here to check out a healthy version of Banana Bread!

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